Performance optimisation

Electronics and performance optimisation

Our aim for the development of electronics and performance optimisation is clear – we want to consolidate and further increase our leading position. Our specialists are continually adapting their know-how in line with the most recent trends and the increasing complexity of the newest generation of engine control systems.

In order to be able to process the software of the various control units professionally and then to be able to gain an increase in performance, the software first has to be encoded and analysed. Due to this time-intensive process we have strengthened our expertise in this area.

In the laboratory, characteristic maps, curves and constant parameters are filtered out and assigned. On the roller test bench the software is accessed directly on the suitably prepared control unit using specially developed equipment. Modifications are made online, i.e. while the engine is running, so that the software can be adapted optimally.

With modern control units between 500 and 3000 individual characteristic maps, curves or constant values have to be changed in order to achieve improved performance. This requires many years of experience and know-how in electronics, IT and engine technology. Our aim of making good things even better is our daily incentive to uncover the potential of new car models and control units with the goal of providing our customers with the optimum in performance, life-span and suitability for everyday situations.

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