Vehicle customisation

Style and functionality

Each of our stylistic add-ons, such as wheels, aerodynamics, lowering or the chassis, are not only designed to improve the appearance of the car, they are also intended to be functional. For example, this means that a wheel is visually more attractive while at the same time being lighter, or the front spoiler gives the car a more sporty appearance and also generates less lift.

When we develop designs for optical parts, which we do in cooperation with well-known, experienced designers, we place great emphasis on unobtrusive visual changes in order to retain the basic shape and contours of the car. Our motto is quality not quantity, therefore we develop visual style elements for selected models only, which, as a result, are even more sophisticated. This is substantiated by the many awards we have received from a variety of international trade magazines.

Our design concepts for vehicle interiors are put into effect in the most sophisticated, high-quality materials such as carbon, titanium, stainless steel, aluminium and selected leathers. We can therefore fulfil virtually any customer’s wishes with regard to the type and colour of the leather.

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