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Tuning - more than 15 years of tuning experience

Tuning means setting up engines with electronic control systems by means of computers. The art of tuning consists of changing various parameters, such as output, efficiency, response, driving dynamics and consumption, in such a way that not only are the output and torque optimised but also the interplay between all the components.

Our team has more than 15 years of experience in the electronic performance optimisation of passenger vehicles. Our specialists have all followed the development of engine control systems and know the strengths and weaknesses of the different systems available as standard.

This wealth of experience has shown us that the best engine cannot achieve its potential if the electronic engine control system does not control the interplay of the relevant parameters optimally. This is where our expertise comes in – expertise which we have gained over many years and with a great deal of our time as well as personal and financial commitment.

Due to this commitment we now have high-tech know-how which allows us to provide performance optimisation, even for modern, complex engine control systems, which, on the one hand are recognised throughout the world and on the other hand are distinguished by their suitability for everyday situations. Our performance tuning activities are developed and tested on the vehicle and on our high-performance test rig using a complex procedure. Only when we have found the best possible tuning variants do we start to sell the performance optimisations. The result of our intensive development and testing procedure is an extraordinarily high level of customer satisfaction.

Our unique individual online tuning service for customer vehicles of all types is enjoying ever-increasing popularity. With this service we tune the control unit parameters directly while the engine is running. We can fulfil almost every wish in connection with Bosch engine control systems. However we are also able to optimise many other systems and vehicle types online. Our sales team will be happy to provide you with more information.

The following points have to be borne in mind for successful tuning:

  • In order for tuning to be carried out successfully we need detailed information about the vehicle and the engine control system.
  • The engine should be run-in as much as possible.
  • The vehicle is not to exceed a minimum ground clearance of 8 cm.
  • There must be a minimum of 1 towing hook or other similar attachment available at the front and the rear.
  • Old, very worn tyres are the most suitable. Very new tyres or winter tyres are not suitable.
  • For outputs from 250 hp onwards it is advisable to set the drive wheels without camber and toe to 0.
  • The car is to be delivered with a full tank of the appropriate fuel requested.
  • Several sensors are needed to collect the test results which make it necessary for adapters to be attached. You can fix these yourself or we can install them for you at extra cost. You can purchase the appropriate adapters from us.


Clamping charge: On request

Tuning on the test rig incl. test rig, driver and engineer: On request

Dealer terms available on request

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