Akrapovic Exhaust systems

The best performance and high quality

With an Akrapovic exhaust system the customer is always on the safe side. The more than 20 years of experience in the processing of titanium in the exhaust area, and the patented titanium alloy that is made exclusively for Akrapovič, provide the highest quality, best performance and longevity. As an OEM supplier, they provide such as the exhaust for the Porsche 997 GT2. And that’s why Porsche familiar with the exhaust system of the most powerful production Porsche ever, the GT2 RS on their technology.

From this trust will benefit all customers purchasing a Akrapovič system. 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on the street-legal Akrapovic exhaust system. To enjoy, to experience the benefits of our easy and highly stable systems, performance, driving dynamics and sound risk-free.

Akrapovič’s expertise is your advantage:
The products for performance vehicles are part of the Akrapovič developed, manufactured high-temperature-resistant and ultra-light titanium-XT, but also available in a much less expensive stainless steel alloys. Here again they use a special material with nickel content which meets the requirements of development engineers will meet. Akrapovic products are known for highest quality and best performance. Not for nothing now 32 world championship titles to go to her account. More important, however, are now three overall victories in the toughest car race in the world: the Nürburgring 24 hour race, where the brutal load duration mercilessly exposes every flaw.

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